Christmas Tree

     I promised to show you my Christmas tree so I took some pictures of it! As you can imagine is very small, but enough for us! I found some lights shaped as stars and it looks like a miniature tree from home! I have few decorations this year but for our small cabin […]


Tahiti, The name itself takes you away from your home, especially now that it snows so much, or it rains and you are stuck with work and people you want to run way from! Tahiti is a place to lie under the Sun, snorkel, swim with sharks and stingrays, take pictures of bungalows and just […]

Christmas fever!

     We already have our decorations around the ship and the red sweet taste of Holly day is around everyone! I love it, even if i am far away from my mom’s cooking and the sweet red wine we used to drink around this time of the year! I already got my presents and […]

December fever

Arriving in Sydney on a Sunday was the best thing ever! Christmas fever it’s all around and shopping was our priority!       It was strange to see Sydney again on Christmas time, but I love it very much! The prices are big comparing to America, but that did not stop me from buying […]