Staying warm this Winter

Simona Moon

Ro: Iarna aceasta este dezamagitoare pentru ca zapada a tinut doar trei zile. In acelasi timp ma bucur de faptul ca nu trebuie sa ma imbrac precum un eschimos, cum fac eu de obicei.

En: The winter in Romania is disappointing because the snow lasted just three days. It’s not like I wanted more of it, it’s just that it doesn’t feel like Winter, but Spring. I am happy that I can wear only a sweater, not two like I usually do in Winter. It feels that Winter is avoiding us and that soon Summer will appear.

Simona Moon Simona Moon Simona Moon Simona Moon Simona Moon

Ro: In cazul in care va intrebati, haina este de la Stradivarius si fularul de la C&A.

EN: The coat that I am wearing is bought from Stradivarius and the scarf form C&A.


Happy Winter!


Photography by Radu Niculescu.

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