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La blouse roumaine community

Un mic cadou pentru 4 februarie: 4 minute şi 8 secunde din povestea magică a prieteniei noastre. Vă mulţumim că aţi creat pe facebook una dintre cele mai frumoase sărbătoari online din lume: 24 iunie – Ziua Universală a Iei! Thank you Facebook for connecting us! Thank you Facebook for giving us the tools to create IA DAY, one of the most amazing online celebrations in the world. Happy Friends Day from Romania! The best is yet to come. See you on 24th of June 2016! With love <3 , La Blouse Roumaine community#FacebookDay #FriendsDayMusic: http://www.bensound.com_____________________________________________About IA day”Cultural diplomacy takes many shapes and forms. The forms and ornaments found on Romanian folk blouses, called “ia” (pronounced E – A), are just the latest and probably most unusual manifestation of what cultural diplomacy can be. Unbeknown to most, the Romanian blouse is truly an universal cultural icon. Worn by celebrities, part of cultural revolutions such as the hippie movement in the 60s, loved by famous fashion designers from around the world, and an inspiration for famous artists or movie characters, the Romanian Blouses trace their origins back to the ancient civilizations found along the Danube river thousands of years ago. They preserved a part of the language of signs and symbols specific to the mythical thinking of those times.To celebrate this cultural treasure, June 24 was declared the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse – IA DAY. The celebration started in 2013 as a Facebook initiative and is coordinated by the online community “La Blouse Roumaine.” June 24 marks the Midsummer Day – Sânzienele in Romanian folk beliefs. In a few short years, the “Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse” has become a truly global event celebrated on six continents, 48 countries, 109 cities, and 143 events. 25 years after the fall of the communist regime, this movement has contributed decisively to the rebirth and a renewed interest in traditional Romanian culture. On that day, Romanians and those who love and appreciate Romania and its culture, are asked to wear a traditional Romanian blouse or shirt.”- See more at:

Posted by La Blouse Roumaine on 4 Februarie 2016

Feeling blessed of being part of this cultural movement!

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