Spring wish list

It’s that time again! The moment when I share with you what I want for myself and maybe will buy it if I get lucky. I always come back to Tokyo Otaku, not because they send me e-mails with their best offers, but because I sometimes need some inspiration in my life. Growing up watching anime, I made a safe place in my head where everything can be perfect and cute and lovely.

Tokyo Otaku is one of the online shops that helps me get to that safe place and dream.

This dress is just perfect for this beautiful Spring! <3
I’m in love with this bag <3
Looks to have enough space for all my stuff!

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 <3 Shoes <3


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If I had to pick just one item, I will pick for sure the notebook bag, I just love it! <3

I save a wish list every season, and try to find something similar in my country, but I am always disappointed. It is hard to find nice and cute dresses like this ones, not to mention this type of shoes. Oh well, I hope you liked my wish list and I hope you will find that nice place I was talking about! Happy Spring! <3


And guys, if you sign up until the 28th of March you may get a $50 coupon and buy yourself some nice stuff for this Spring!

Thank you for reading! Do you have a wish list?

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