The evolution of my embroidered blouses

Alaska 2013 2
Alaska, US, 2013

I was not a fan of these type of blouses until I started working on cruise ships and the identity crisis hit me.

I was meeting people from around the word that had a perfect image of their culture and identity and I felt that I barely knew anything about my country. We, Romanians, have a lot in common with our country neighbors and in many ways I couldn’t  express myself properly about what makes us different.

So I started reading books about our culture and the old religion and I somehow feel in love with what I was discovering.

Alaska 2013
Embroidered blouse from Forever 21.
Hawaii 2013
Hawaii 2013

I was searching for things like embroidered blouses and at that time they were back in fashion. Designers were inspired by the east European traditional blouses and I bought myself one. I was so proud of myself! IMG_2133 copy

The next step was to buy an hand made one and to wear it around the word while working on the cruise ship.

San Francisco 2013 3
Wearing it loud and proud in San Francisco in 2013.

San Francisco 2013

San Francisco 2013 2 Prima ie cusuta, 2014

It didn’t take long until I had the courage to embroide my own blouse with the help of the blog Semne Cusute who explained all the symbols used on the authentic Romanian blouse.

revista Sinteza 2015
Cover of the magazine SINTEZA 2015
A doua ie cusuta 2015
My second blouse
Zbor cu planorul imbracata in ie
I flew dressed in my blouse
Ziua Iei COnstanta 2014
The Universal Day of the Romanian blouse that I organized with my husband in 2014 in Constanta
Simona Moon- Dobrogea
Wearing a traditional Romanian blouse from Dobrogea, made by me.

For the first time in my life, everything made sense and I felt Romanian.

Traditional Romania blouse from Baragan. Made by me.


As I look now, I am proud of myself for all the lessons and blouses that I finished embroidering.

I dream to have a special closet full of blouses made by me from each corner of Romania.

My journey is still at the beginning and I hope you guys can appreciate my work so far!



Simona Moon


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