My favorite dresses from Zuhair Murad

I am not a woman that lives for fashion. I love beautiful clothes that suit me and I often lose myself on Pinterest looking at clothes that I would never afford or have the chance to wear.

I bought myself many dresses or blouses that I never had the chance to wear them out and I ended up donating them.

I am petite and often I can’t find a dress that fits my size.

So I dream most of the time that I had the occasion to wear a dress like this:

Muhaid zurad

I just realizes that Muhair Zurad is my favorite designer when it comes to dresses. I was saving pictures on my computer with fantasy inspired dresses and didn’t saved the name of the designer, because I know I will never have the chance to wear a dress like this. For sure they are very expensive and, if I would buy one, my lifestyle will stop me to wear it a second time.

This is the truth, I love his creations, adore them and dream that one day I will enter his shop and see the details myself, not only in pictures. I love his dresses because of the way he designs them, how the dress shows femininity and takes you in another dimension. The details, the hand made embroidery takes my breath away in seconds.

I am making this post to share with you my all time favorites for his collections from the past years and this year.

Do you have a favorite? Leave a link if you do in the comments, I am sure there are more dresses to discover.

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