Artwork by Madalina Tantareanu

Since starting to love the Romanian craft art and embroidering traditional Romanian blouses myself, I started searching for inspirational works that portrayed a similar love.

I found this beautiful illustration thru a Facebook share:

madalina tantareanu
Romanian fairytale by Madalina Tantareanu

I fell in love with it and dreamed to save enough money to buy the illustration, but life happened and I forgot all about it. It happens so often that we forget about the beautiful art that we need in our lives because of stress and bad people that are pushing us away from our safe place. This type of work makes me dream more and busts my creativity, makes me want to do more and helps me see the bright side.

As time passed, the name of Madalina Tantareanu kept appearing on my social media because of her beautiful work and I followed her on her Facebook page and Instagram. You can check her works there and see that she is worth it, her works are original and very well done.

I admired very much the fact that she had diversity and that she drew characters that I love and places that I want to visit or had the chance to visit.


She made a quick contest on her Facebook page and I got in and won an illustration from her (that I wanted badly but couldn’t afford it at the moment). 


Not only that she send me this illustration, she send me as well a post card with Midnight in Copenhagen.Midnight copenhagen


Sorry for the bad quality photo with my phone, I was so excited to share the news with my friends and I took a quick photo.

The quality of the prints are very good and the paper is super good. I will buy tomorrow a frame for the Midnight in Bucovina and I will post in the following blog posts about it!

I love them both and I so exited to have them in my room!


Madalina has a portfolio on her web page and a etsy shop from where you can buy her artwork and support her in her fantastic journey as an artist. Go check it out, she may have an perfect illustration for your city!




Thank you so much Madalina, this is the first gift I got this year and it gave me hope!



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