Artwork with my stock

I think I’ve share with you about my stock account from deviant art and some of the works done with my stock photos.

Some of the works there are really beautiful and I wanted to share with you, the 2016 ones.

There is a direct link if you click on the photos for better resolution and if you want to fav the work.

alleria_by_theladyofthelost-dagpdoe-2 fay_by_ledyglo-d9nl9n8 little_lily_by_irina_ponochevnaya-daf39ld-2 pose_by_azisahrul1-dat9i3s-2 simonamoonsakura_by_vulpul-davrhwi smudge_1_by_azisahrul1-dah6eau-2 smudge_2_by_azisahrul1-dah69z2-2 smudge_by_azisahrul1-daf7k67-2 snow_by_azisahrul1-dar8erf-2


I want to thank all of the artists that used my stock and to those that will work with it!

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