The 5th year that I wear a Romanian blouse on the 24th of June

I have quite a reputation of wearing my embroidered blouses and taking pictures.

Well this year marks the 5th year of wearing it on the 24th of June.

Back in 2013 when Radu bought this blouse for me. No event yet in Constanta.
My first blouse. 2014 and the first event in Constanta for the Universal Day of the Romanian blouse.
2015 at the event.
2016 at the event. Same blouse as in 2015 but improved. I actually made it as a full dress this year.

What does the 24th of June represent? Well it is an European holiday known as the Summer Solstice and in eastern Europe, people celebrate the Fairies called Sanziene or Dragaice. It is a pagan celebration with European roots, which makes it very important, and since 2013 it is celebrated as the day of the Romanian blouse, internationally by the Romanians in the diaspora.

As I finished one of the blouses that I started this year, I wore this one today.

There was a huge celebration here in Denmark and the weather was friendly so I took a walk around the city.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my little post.


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