Making of Sanziene in Urban | Diana and Alice


I know this video should have been uploaded last year, but I have started working at it multiple times and never got to finish it properly. I initiated this project along with my husband back in 2015 in an attempt to show to the Romanian public that the vintage blouses, that are part of our identity culture, are not unfashionable and that we can wear them with pride. The main group of target was the young generation that has barely any contact with the authentic traditional elements. I have to mention that the ideas that influenced me into discovering the beauty of he authentic are La Blouse Roumaine and Semne Cusute (Ioana Corduneanu). In this video you can get a glimpse of the photos that were taken in this project, we skipped filming the makeup process (done by Alina Spinu). In 2016 me and my husband worked along side with Alina Spinu who was as photographer, assistant, makeup artist and hair stylist. Not to mention her constant support. Diana Curca was the main photographer, Radu Niculescu was as assistant, makeup by Alina Spinu. Traditional Romanian blouse from Rucar, Fagaras borrowed from miss Brindusa Darmina. The Facebook page for this project is… and the web page is Not all the photo shootings had video of making of but the results of 2015 and 2016 have been published. As well you can find the team behind all the photos.

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