Inspiration for this Fall | 2017


I used to love Summer because we were on school vacation for 3 months. Now, as an adult, I appreciate a season more for the treats and fashion options.

Moving to Denmark meant adapting to a different temperature and climate. It meant changing my clothing comfort zone.

I remember arriving in Denmark with only few pieces of clothes, I managed to give almost everything away, and the weather was getting colder here.

It is raining almost every day and it is important to stay dry and have a good jacket with you all the time. Staying warm is essential, so having a good sweater on you can make a big difference, not to mention a good pair of jeans.

Last year I just bought whatever was on sale, not having money to buy something that was not necessary. I have to admit that I love watching other people being in fashion than me. Maybe I’m just lazy or maybe is because my body type doesn’t help as much as I wish.

Anyway, this year has been a more chill year and I had more spare time to scroll some trends for this year and this are my favorites so far. Maybe I’ll buy some of them or maybe they’ll stay here as a memory for something that I wished I had.

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