Making of Sanziene in Urban | Gabriela & Mihnea Avram







     One of our models, Gabriela, gave us a glimpse on how a bad-ass Urban Fairy looks like. We had her as a model for two of our photo shoots and the second video will be out soon. This project “Sanziene in Urban” was initiated by me and my husband, Radu Niculescu, back in 2015 as a movement of influencing the young generation to discover the “old” blouses that their grand-mothers used to make and cherish them, wear them. We have been inspired by the cultural movement La Blouse Roumaine and the love for our country. These photos are taken by Mihnea Avram in the pub Strings, in Constanta. The model, Gabriela Prisacaru, is wearing a traditional Romanian blouse from Maramures, made available for this project by me. Assistants were Radu Niculescu and Alina Spinu. Alina Spinu was as well in charge for the hair and make-up.

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