My name is Simona Niculescu, I am a Romanian girl living in Denmark!

I post about the things that I love and find interesting, my vlogs and memories. 

This blog is about my journey in life, some of the projects that I started and the achievements I made with the support of my Husband.

My dream is to visit Japan. I have always been in love with the anime Sailor Moon and dreamed to visit Tokyo.

Together we promoted the traditional Romanian blouse in our hometown and for 1 year and a half we made volunteer work and helped women from the study group to learn and make authentic blouses. We organized for 3 years in a row the Universal Day of the Romanian blouse in Constanta and as well started the photographic project Sanziene in Urban.

The pictures that you find here are taken by my husband, Radu.

You guys can find me here as well https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUN3XXlOTWZuE_09qFTqOIw


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